Japanese Tea Flask

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RoseTulips is proud to cooperate with Zojirushi Japan

Greater Insulation Performance and Functionality—The Results of Zojirushi’s Pursuit of Technology

Since its establishment in 1918 in Osaka, Zojirushi Corporation has studied the properties of heat. One could say that Zojirushi is the leading global authority in temperature maintenance technologies that keep foods and beverages at the desired temperature, ensuring that hot foods and bevereges remain hot and cold foods and beverages remain cold.

By concentrating on the goals of providing greater efficiency and user-friendliness, Zojirushi has set the industry standard through the development of vacuum bottles with various innovative functions.

In RoseTulips we aim at delivering the best quality to our tea lovers community. With Zojirushi tea flask, you can enjoy the finest tea experience everywhere at any time.

 How To:

 1. Unscrew the lid and remove the tea leave filter.

 2. Add two teaspoons of tea to the flask and place tea leave filter back.

 3. Fill flask with water at the correct temperature (refer to tea packaging).

 4. Securely tighten the lid back.


The infuser may be hot. Please handle with care.

Dimensions: 6cm x 21.5cm x 6cm

Volume: 0.46 liter