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My Story, Yana Pavlova – RoseTulips



The Legacy

My favorite time during my happy childhood was when I collected herbs from the mountain near my house with my grandmother. The days were passing by picking linden from trees, lemon balm, thyme lavender, and calendula from the fields. After coming back home in the afternoon, we were drying everything. When ready, we would store them in glass jars and use them throughout the rest of the year. This was the start of my lifelong love of herbal teas. 

Yana Pavlova

I was born in the beautiful Valley of Roses, Bulgaria. At the age of 17, I packed my belonging and moved to The Netherlands. I moved to study here and managed to get my Master Degree. I found my first love here, it was not one of the many tall blonde men around, but it was instead the culture and the spirit. Amsterdam, as a city combined with the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit, has been an immense inspiration for me and has shaped the way I have developed. The mix of cultures and people, sustainable development, architecture, art, canals, tulips, windmills, waffles it’s so vibrant and free… I simply love it!

I like travelling, reading, philosophy and art. Personal development, fitness, yoga and an active lifestyle are among my passions. Besides, I practice intermittent fasting and try to have balanced meal planning. 

We live in a competitive and ever-changing society. As a female leader, I am always in search of ways to improve my physical and mental performance. RoseTulips blends helps me in my daily quests.

With my team we have the goal is to present to our friends in The Netherlands and around the world, the vision for delicious gourmet experience with tea and honey. With highest quality of 100% natural ingredients. 

RoseTulips name represents the two places that contributed to my development - the Rose of Bulgaria and the Tulips from The Netherlands. 

Amsterdam is the home of RoseTulips, the idea for the company was born here, and the brand illustrates the spirit of the city. The way people combine cultures and beliefs in Amsterdam is the way my fantastic team and I combine the ingredients in RoseTulips tea.

I have put my heart in RoseTulips tea and invite you to try it.