Caffeine free herbal iced tea

RoseTulips Black Label tea is well suited as a base for a natural, caffeine-free herbal iced tea. The pure flavours are composed of flowers and herbs and offer a taste sensation that is as gentle and beneficial, as it is powerful and aromatic. Make the tea as you are used to making a delicious pot of RoseTulips hot tea and allow it to cool thoroughly.

Serve the cold tea sweetened or unsweetened with ice as a caffeine-free herbal iced tea or use it as a base for iced tea cocktails or mocktails. 

Black Label Caffeine-Free Tea
Caffeine free herbal iced tea
Caffeine free herbal iced tea

A world of refreshing caffeine free herbal iced tea inspiration 

Worldwide, where tea is served as a hot drink, it’s also common to enjoy the health benefits and delicious taste of cold tea. In doing so, each country has its iced tea traditions. In some countries, tea is served cold, without ice. In other countries, on the contrary, it is sweetened or unsweetened and served with ice as a caffeine-free herbal iced tea.

In South Korea, bottled iced tea can be found on every street corner nowadays. The most common types of iced tea are corn, barley, and green tea. In Taiwan, iced tea is known as Bubble tea: a strong sweetened black tea, cold served with milk. In Bulgaria, cold tea or iced tea is served with lemon and honey. Iced tea is also used as a basis for iced tea cocktails with alcohol or mocktails Japan and China have a long and well-known tea tradition. Nowadays, they also have an iced tea tradition.It is available everywhere in ready bottled form, but also homemade iced teas gaining popularity.

How to make a delicious caffeine free herbal iced tea? 

The most delicious, iced tea is caffeine free herbal iced tea that you make yourself. And that is not difficult at all. The caffeine free herbal teas from RoseTulips are a blend of carefully selected teas, herbs, and flowers. They form a delicious, fragrant base for hot tea and iced tea. Energizing and refreshing, it is suitable for cold or iced consumption and as part of mocktails. RoseTulips Black Label is a delight drinking hot, but also very suitable for preparing caffeine free herbal iced tea. The blend consists of 100% natural ingredients. Enjoy this caffeine free herbal iced tea served cold because of the extraordinary taste sensation, or choose this beautiful, blended tea for its beneficial ingredients.

RoseTulips Black Label caffeine free herbal iced tea is suitable as an iced tea or as a cold base for cocktails and mocktails, composed of:

Rosa Damascena
Relieves the signs of stress and improves your mood

Contains antioxidants

White tea
Contains little caffeine, compared to green tea

Supports the immune system

Helps with relaxation Calendula Flower Relieves symptoms of colds

How to brew caffeine free herbal iced tea

Per cup:

Add 1 teaspoon of loose RoseTulips tea to an infuser and top with hot filtered water 80° C -90° C. After five minutes, the tea will be flavoured. Allow the tea to cool and serve with ice for a refreshing tea moment or use the cold tea as a base for a cocktail or mocktails.

At RoseTulips, we like to carry out the message of living more consciously and to surround yourself with care and self-love. Each RoseTulips tea blend is an invitation to consciously make time for the gift of focused attention and quality time. This philosophy, along with our handcrafted 100% natural tea blends, makes RoseTulips a distinctive tea concept.

With delicious flavours, high-quality ingredients, and stylish, sustainable packaging, RoseTulips is a perfect presence at locations offering specialty, organic honey, and iced tea concepts. Such as in grand cafes, hotels, restaurants, wellness centers and fitness and yoga studios. But of course, you can also prepare Rose Tulip Caffeine Free Herbal iced tea at home: for yourself, for loved ones, or served during a get-together with friends. Rose Tulip is a purveyor of high-quality teas and natural raw honey distributed worldwide from Amsterdam.

RoseTulips blends are teas with a special character, designed to create a personalized customer experience! Try our teas pure or prepare them as caffeine-free herbal iced tea.

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