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What is white tea

What is white tea? This question can be answered from different perspectives. What is white tea can be explained from the origin of white tea and from the biological perspective. And, of course, white tea can be explained from the point of view of taste. In short: there is a lot to tell about white tea. What is white tea and where does it come from? White tea is a very noble type of tea with a mild, fresh, and flowery taste. Originally, white tea comes from the Chinese province of Fujian. To make white tea, the unopened leaf buds are harvested from the tops of the tea plant. These are then dried in stages.

This process, which distinguishes white tea from green or black tea, has been carried out in southwest China since the 10th century. White tea is the least processed tea. White tea of the high quality is also regarded as the champagne among teas. Drinking white tea was once the preserve of the emperor and his servants. The place of origin of white tea is Fuding City in Fujian, China. Like all Chinese teas, white tea comes from the plant family Camellia Sinensis.

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Caffeine free herbal iced tea
Caffeine free herbal iced tea

The taste of white tea

The extraction, processing, and taste of this type of tea can vary greatly, depending on the growing region and the method used. The taste of white tea is very mild. This is because white tea is not fermented, but lovingly dried by the sun. The taste is slightly sweet and above all delicate. Because white tea is not fermented, it lacks bitter tones. With its mild taste, white tea goes well with other flavours. Fruity notes, jasmine but also lavender are ideal partners. 

What is white tea and how is it made? 

White tea owes its name to the appearance of the young tea buds from which white tea is made. White tea consists exclusively of the buds of the tea plant. When the buds can be harvested, they have a soft, protective white covering. When you examine the leaves of white tea, you can see the tiny hairs. Unlike green tea, white tea is not heated or rolled after picking. After harvesting, the leaves are simply withered and dried for a few days. After picking, the tea is first aerated for a few hours. Then it is left alone to dry for about 12 hours. This process is followed by one or two more short drying processes. This special type of gentle processing gives white tea its characteristic mild taste.

The power of white tea 

If we answer the question: "What is white tea?" from a health point of view, we can speak of one of the most powerful teas. White tea has a mild taste, but in terms of nutrition it is very powerful. Thanks to its mildness, white tea is very varied in its application. White tea is considered to be health promoting. But why is white tea healthy? Already in ancient times, the Chinese knew of the healing effect of white tea. It was believed that white tea could prevent diseases and strengthen the body. Good quality white tea contains several vitamins, but also iron, calcium, potassium, fluoride, sodium, and zinc. In addition, white tea contains three times more plant antioxidants (catechins) than green tea. White tea therefore has an enormous antioxidant power thanks to ingredients such as polyphenols. White tea strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This is how special white tea is

One thing is certain: there are many good reasons to drink white tea. A good white tea has a round and harmonious taste and is never bitter. White tea is also the least processed traditional tea. In traditional Chinese medicine, white tea is one of the oldest medicines. Besides being traditionally known for its mild taste, but at the same time strong properties, the traditional production process is also special. Traditionally, white tea is dried in the sun. This means that it cannot be harvested every day, but only on warm, dry days. And then only in the spring when the buds can be picked by hand. Depending on the size, no less than 30,000 individual leaf buds are required for one kilo of white tea. Supplemented by the delicate drying process, white tea is a tea that is very special. 

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In our online shop you will find a delicious tea blend containing white tea. The white tea in our blends is of organic origin and can be found in our Black Label tea blend. The best results are achieved by using fresh, sparkling hot water for infusion, and letting the tea steep for two to three minutes. When cooled, the tea is a refreshing base for home-made ice teas or as an addition to cocktails. The cold infusion brings out the fine floral, vegetal and nutty aromas of the white tea particularly well.

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