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RoseTulips, distinctive honey and tea concept for resellers who want to make their customers happy

Wholesale supplier of high quality tea & natural raw honey

Тhe vision we have at RoseTulips is to be a catalyst for more conscious living and the invitation to self-love and care. Ritualising every cup of tea so that the customer can feel the care that goes into it. The creation of every jar has a personal involvement and that makes it special. Self-care is one of the main pillars of RoseTulips. Self-care for us starts with self-love. We also believe in the gift of focused attention and quality time spent by people enjoying RoseTulips tea and honey together.

This philosophy and our handmade 100% natural tea blends, make RoseTulips a distinctive tea concept for resellers. 

100% handmade soap bar

High Quality Reseller

With delicious flavours, high quality ingredients and stylish sustainable packaging, RoseTulips is perfect addition to locations where special, organic honey and tea concepts are offered such as in grand cafes, hotels, restaurants, wellness centres and fitness, and yoga studios.

As a supplier of high quality tea and natural raw honey, we distribute our tea concept globally from Amsterdam.

Give to your customers

Are you the owner of, for example, a spa, wellness centre, yoga studio, grand café, restaurant, web shop or a boutique store and do you want to be able to offer your guests or customers an outstanding, beautiful, and exclusive tea concept?

RoseTulips helps you with a unique collection of tea and honey that is carefully selected, processed, and packaged: products with character designed to create personal customer experience! (You and) your customers will love it!

RoseTulips resellers make worldwide tea and honey lovers happy with our delicious herbal tea blends and our natural raw honey. The quality of RoseTulips can not only be tasted but can also be seen. Which is reinforced with an elegant design of our sustainable packaging. Suitable as a gift or to stand out as an eye-catcher within your beverage range.

Your Partner

Why choose RoseTulips as a partner?

1. Exclusive brand that is already internationally known
2. Certified honey and tea wholesaler Amsterdam
3. High- quality tea concept for resellers such as (grand) cafes, wellness centres, hotels, restaurants, fitness and yoga studios, etc.
4. Wholesale prices and supplier discounts
5. Products are packed free of charge in sustainable, luxury boxes, including a brochure
6. Secure shipping
7. Orders are shipped within 24 hours
8. Easy payment via Ideal and credit card
9. Quick and easy contact via e-mail, WhatsApp or phone
10. Customized labelling
11. Production of own label

As a reseller, you purchase the RoseTulips concept directly from us. This allows us to work most cost-efficiently. We offer attractive prices, discounts, and excellent service.

Contact Us

Do you also want to become a RoseTulips reseller, we will be glad to help you!

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