Acacia Honey

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Acacia Honey
Two cups of tea and a flask of honey.
A cup of tea and a flask of honey.
A flask of honey, a flask with Black Label tea and a cup of tea.
A flask of honey and tea.
A flask of honey and tea.

Acacia Honey

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“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” - Victor Hugo

Rose Tulips Acacia honey is made from nectar derived from the black locust tree.


It’s light and transparent in colour. The raw acacia honey remains liquid without crystallising for longer time (1-2 years)


The aroma on the acacia honey is floral, fruity, delicate and long-lasting. The flavour is very sweet with hints of vanilla and leaves no aftertaste. The flowery notes are noticed best in the finish.

100 % Natural Ingredients 

We pride ourselves on using natural ingredients in all our products so you can take advantage of all the natural goodness. Our Honey range only contains pure honey sourced from different areas of the Rila Mountain in Bulgaria. 

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