Honey Crystallisation

What is crystallisation?
Crystallisation, also known as granulation, is a natural process that occurs in honey and helps its which aids its conservation. Therefore, it not a sign of spoilage.  Honey is a highly saturated sugar solution out of which the glucose crystallises over time. Depending on the nectar from which the honey is produced, some types crystallise faster than others.

Crystallisation prevention?
If the honey is stored in the refrigerator, it will crystallise faster. Ideally, honey should be kept at room temperature in a dry and airtight container, like our glass jar. Avoid contaminate the honey with wet spoons, bread or disquiet crumbs etc.

 What to do if my honey has crystallised. Is it spoiled?
No, crystallisation is a natural process and it is a sign that the honey was not initially treated under high temperature. Crystallisation can be reversed by heating. Place the honey container in a warm water bath for a period of time to transform the crystals back to liquid form.